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Refine Your Heart, Reap Rewards (Spiritual Posts)

Refine Your Heart, Reap Rewards (Spiritual Posts)

To achieve a high level of productivity, our hearts need to be light, refined and beautiful. If we want the best life in the Hereafter we need to train our heart to become devoted and sound. These beautiful reminders by our Imams and Scholars tell us the significance of having a happy heart content with …

haram relationship

10 Tips on How to Quit Haram Relationships

 Being in a haram (disallowed) relationship is a very common problem that challenges Muslim youths nowadays. It’s very easy to engage in such relationships but to give up is the most difficult part.  Here we give you 10 tips that will help you break away and stop this Haram relationship for the sake of God.

Tips for Righteous New Hijri Year (Scholars Posts)

Tips for Righteous New Hijri Year (Scholars Posts)

It’s the beginning of the New Islamic Hijri Year. Naturally it is time for many of us to create new resolutions. These can be great if we get our priorities right. 1440 New Hijri Year In 1440 AH, we must put Allah first and keep Him there all year-long. We collected here some useful tips …

The Global Economic Crisis – Steps Every Muslim Should Take

The Global Economic Crisis – Steps Every Muslim Should Take

It goes without saying that the global economy is not in harmony. This takes its toll on everyone and Muslims are no exception. We keep hearing economic experts’ advice – which is sometimes helpful- on how can we handle this economic crisis. However, Muslims can find guidance in the Islamic teachings that provide the best …

Tips on Dealing With a Difficult Mother-in-Law

How to Deal With Difficult Mother-in-Law

Sometimes dealing with a difficult mother-in-law can be somewhat challenging. Wives should remember though that their gain can somehow  feel like her loss. If one’s mother in law is dominating, how can she deal with it? How do we adjust when we  get married. How to Deal with Difficult Mother in Law Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair offers valuable …

working mom

For Working Moms: Make Life Easier for Yourself

Being a working mother is tough. It’s not easy to spend whole days trying to fulfill your responsibilities in two different places, home and work. It’s neither easy to let go of the feeling of guilt you are always plagued with when you think of your kids. No, please don’t get frustrated, there is good …

6 Spiritual Quotes

6 Spiritual Quotes for Your Life and Soul

Ramadan is around; it is time for a spiritual recharge. So, we collected for you these spiritual quotes; they are inspiring and beautiful. Spiritual Quotes Imam Zaid Shakir and Sheikh Waleed Basyouni touch on the value of gratefulness to Allah. Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim reminds us to check in on our beloved ones. Mufti Menk gives a prescription …


8 Tips to Make Your Child Happy (Watch)

When it comes to children, parents nowadays think of good education, health, success, skills…etc. But What about happiness? Did you ask yourself before if you’ve been raising your child to be happy? Here, we give you some tips on how to raise a happy child.   1- Get Happy Yourself Happy parents are more likely …

Heal Your Soul with These Spiritual Posts

Heal Your Soul with These Spiritual Posts

Life is short! It is our only opportunity to secure an everlasting, beautiful life in the hereafter. Anything that distracts you from this goal is a trap that you should be alert to. These spiritual posts by our Imams and Scholars highlight the significance of doing well and relying on Allah in everything. Here, we are …

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