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Clooneys to Help Educate Refugee Children in Lebanon

Hollywood movie star George Clooney and his wife, Amal, plan to help nearly 3,000 Syrian refugee children go to school this year in Lebanon. The education of the refugee children will be funded through a &2.25 million partnership announced by the Clooney Foundation for Justice with Google, in addition to a $1 million technology grant …

Bana alabed

7-Year-Old Bana Alabed Calls on World Leaders to Stop War in Syria

Bana Alabed, the seven-year-old Aleppo girl known worldwide for her tweets from Aleppo, has been tweeting on the current gas attack in Syria. Bana who escaped Aleppo with her family in December 2016 is now living in Turkey. Her twitter account became famous for its messages from besieged east Aleppo. On Tuesday, April 4, the …

Cristiano Ronaldo Sends Message of Hope to Syrian Children

Cristiano Ronaldo, 2016’s best football player, offered the children of Syria a message of hope on Friday, December 23, telling them that they are the true heroes in the sixth year of a bitter war, and making a generous donation to provide immediate life-saving relief to children and families in Syria.

7-Year-Old Girl Tweets About Aleppo

While many people use social media to share their happy moments and special memories, a Syrian young girl and her mother use Twitter differently. Living in East Aleppo, Bana Alabed, 7 year, and her mom, Fatemah, use their Twitter account to make the world aware of the gruesome situation in the city. The account, launched …

A Syrian Witness of Ghouta Chemical Attacks Recalls Horror Story

Three years on after Ghouta chemical attack which resulted in a tragic human life loss of 1,400 innocent civilians. A third of them were children, gassed to death during the early hours of the day while they are asleep. And the world has done very little about it. Artino, a war photographer, rushed to the scene. …

Heartbreaking Video of Syrian Boy Goes Viral

A video of a dazed and bloodied Syrian boy rescued from the rubbles of a destroyed building after an air strike on besieged Aleppo has caused outrage around the world, shared widely on social media.

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