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Old Woman Advises Umar and Makes Him Cry (Story)

“I was there when you used to be called little Umar; days passed by and you were called Umar; and days passed by and you are now called the leader of the faithful.

So, fear Allah when dealing with your subjects and remember that whoever fears death will avoid sins.” 

How did Umar react to these powerful words coming from an old lady?

What was his response to this woman mentioning some embarrassing moments of his life?

In this beautiful story, we see the second Caliph and Leader of Muslims getting schooled by a woman in public, in the street.

Umar’s companion, Al-Jarud, was upset. The advice sounded harsh for him and therefore he tried to stop her. But Umar had a different opinion and reaction.

Join Sister Lobna Mulla as she recounts and comments on this amazing story.