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2 Major Media Myths About the Prophet

2 Major Media Myths About the Prophet

Lately I had a conversation with a non-Muslim about how Prophet Muhammad wasn’t as “holy” as we affirm. When I asked him about his sources, he replied, “Well, it’s all over the news and social media.” This small chat made me think…

Jeremy Corbyn Defends Muslim Women

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has spoken up in defense of Muslim women, condemning “vile, revolting” language used on social media, and asking Facebook and Twitter platforms to tackle racism and abuse.


Americans React on Twitter over DACA Ending

According to The Guardian, Donald Trump’s decision to dismantle the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (Daca) program from next March will leave almost a million young immigrants vulnerable of deportation. They fear that the personal information they voluntarily handed the federal government in signing up for the scheme could now be turned against them to facilitate …


Meet Sakeena Rashid, Founder of Islamoji

An emoji of a dabbing hijabi can also be a powerful expression of identity. Islamoji, an app for iOS, embodies the greater challenge of addressing Muslim representation throughout media and tech spaces. Its creator, Sakeena Rashid, is a writer, entrepreneur, and the founder of Deeni Girl Media. Islamoji features emojis and GIFs designed to express the …

Husband Cheats on Me Online while I’m Pregnant

Husband Cheats on Me Online while I’m Pregnant

In this counseling answer: After unfaithfulness has been discovered, it is very hard to build the trust again. It’s possible but takes time. Therefore, the counselor suggests that the husband seeks professional help and stop using the internet for a while. She also suggests that the wife looks after herself and tries to be attractive when he is …

8 Things Flatten Your Mood - How to Battle Them

8 Things Flatten Your Mood - How to Battle Them?

Try to avoid spending too much time sitting with people who constantly complain, and if you can’t avoid these people, try to bring some positivity to the encounter instead of going along or silently listening to all the negativity!

3 Amazing Tips to Pass Your Exams

You’re running on a track, you’re running around, and then you see someone catching up behind you, what do you do? Throw in the towel and accept defeat? No you don’t! you run harder and work harder… and you can see the finishing line.

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