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This `Eid Start the Early Wake

A distinctive prayer performed after sunrise marks the start of `Eid for Muslims around the world. What follows are days of `Eid fun, family, feasting, and holidaying is celebrated. Yet, launching a holiday by waking up early is definitely paradoxical to our modern minds! Every day as the alarm clock rings we wish we could …

Tips from the Prophet's Life to Overcome Laziness

Tips from the Prophet's Life to Overcome Laziness

How to overcome laziness? This is a troubling question for many people. Laziness is a disease of the heart which can paralyze the potential of a person. In the modern era of fast-food, high-speed internet, 4G data on our phones, it’s difficult to live an active lifestyle and beat procrastination. Overcome Laziness What are some …

Circadian Rhythm

Your Circadian Rhythm While Fasting

Allah (all glory be to Him) tells us in the Holy Quran about Ramadan that, “(He wants you) to complete the prescribed period (of fasting), and to glorify Him in that He has guided you; and perchance ye shall be grateful.” (Surat Al Baqarah: 2:185).

How to Have A Good Night's Sleep

How to Have A Good Night's Sleep

In order to sleep better, we should first relax a bit. We need to unwind from the pressures, worries, and distresses of the day. And we need to end the day on a note of forgiveness and with a few moments of tenderness with our families…

Why Do We Sleep

Why Do We Sleep?

Allah Almighty mentions to us in His Holy Book, the Qur’an: {And it is He who has made the night for you as clothing and sleep [a means for] rest and has made the day a resurrection.} (Surat Al-Furqan 25:47).


Hush Little Baby

As-Salamu`alaykumdear sister, May Allah bless you and your son. I know that lack of sleep is probably driving you crazy. I used to tell every one at similar times that they use the sleep deprivation as a kind of torture. First, you might be satisfied to know that you are not alone. Statistics show that …

Sleeping Is  A Blessing - About Islam

Sleeping Is A Blessing

When we are asleep, Allah takes our souls. If death is written for us when we are asleep, we will not wake up. If we can wake up then our souls has been returned. Sleep is a small death. Sleeping is a blessing!

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