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Rohingya Women

Rohingya Women Recall Horror of Myanmar Army Massacre

These Rohingya women survived a massacre. When Myanmar’s army entered Tula Toli, a village in Maungdaw townshipon, they carried out systematic killings and rape of several hundreds of Rohingya Muslims. Some of the worst violence is believed to have occurred in Tula Toli, where survivors say residents were rounded up on riverbanks and shot as they tried …

What Is Going on in Rohingya & How Can We Help?

What Is Going on in Rohingya & How Can We Help?

Are we aware of what’s happening in Rohingya? As you read these lines and listen to this speech, our brothers and sisters are suffering terrible oppression, a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” – How did things develop to this terrible situation? – Who are the Rohingya people in the first place? – And, what is …

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