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Diversity of Islam Highlighted at American University Dinner - About Islam

Diversity of Islam Highlighted at American University Dinner

OHIO — “Islam in the Age of Liberalism” was the theme for the Muslim Students Association (MSA) of Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in Ohio, during an annual dinner and convention held on October 18, Sentinel-Tribune reported. “As you can see, Muslims are from all nations … and our events are open to all,” said …

Religious Diversity

What Does Islam Say About Religious Diversity?

Short Answer:Islam holds that from the beginning, God has been sending prophets to different peoples at different stages in human history to give them divine guidance as to how to live this life. Muhammad never claimed that he was teaching a new religion; he said that his mission was to restore the pure religion, taught …


Does Islam Have Room for Moral & Theological Pluralism?

Short Answer:Of course.It’s a myth that Islam is against pluralism. From day one,Islam has always been confident enough to say, “We believe you are wrong, but that does not translate into a policy to deny you the way that you choose to live.”A famous Muslim jurist, for example, argued that when it comes to handling …

learning religions

Does Learning About Other Religions Endanger My Faith?

Asalaamu alaykum and thank you for your question, sister, I can appreciate your feelings and concerns on this topic. At your age, something like this could be very confusing. But I want to assure you: merely learning about the religious beliefs of others is not, in any way, putting your own faith in danger. Islam: …

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