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How I Found My Happiness as a Muslim

How I Found My Happiness as a Muslim

This recipe for happiness has made life much easier to deal with and to not fall into deep depression and remain stuck there. I still get depressed at times, but it is usually short lived. I try not to focus on my suffering, and instead remain hopeful that things will change and do my best.

New Muslims and the Art of Happiness

Happiness comes from within, not from others. You hold the key to your happiness, and only you have the power to unlock that door of happiness by finding contentment within yourself. Don’t wait for others to do it for you, otherwise, you will always be unhappy.

8 Things Flatten Your Mood - How to Battle Them

8 Things Flatten Your Mood - How to Battle Them?

Try to avoid spending too much time sitting with people who constantly complain, and if you can’t avoid these people, try to bring some positivity to the encounter instead of going along or silently listening to all the negativity!

How to Smile Like the Prophet Muhammad?

How to Smile Like the Prophet Muhammad?

Prophet Muhammad was often described as kind and generous and his generosity included smiling at those around him. We know from scientific evidence just how powerful a smile can be. In the early days of Islam there were no articles or books to read.

Your Life is the Product of Your Thoughts

Happiness or misery, peace or anxiety springs from within. You alone color your life bright or dark, the same way as a glass takes the color of the liquid it contains: “Whoever is content (with Allah’s Decree) will win His Good Pleasure, and whoever is discontent (with Allah’s Decree) will incur His Wrath.” (At-Thirmidhi)

4 Tips Help You Find Peace and Tranquility

Be kind to those who do not understand what you are going through, because your paths may cross in the future and you may be able to help them or they help you – and you may learn from each other through each other’s lessons that you have already experienced.

Don't Hate… Educate

Prophet Muhammad faced a similar situation after leaving his home in Makkah to migrate to Madinah upon the invitation of its citizens. When he got there, some of his Companions — from the immigrants — were so homesick that they got physically ill. The unity of society was at risk and needed an urgent solution…

7 Tips to Build Positive Habits

Link you new habit to cue that remind you to take action. For example, the trigger could be Fajr prayer… so that every Fajr you will know that you need to read Quran. Or the trigger could be something in your environment such as leaving the Quran by your bedside table.

The Language of Happiness

Keep in mind that you are training yourself for happiness and success. You have what it takes. Pray to Allah with hope, keeping in mind that you are strengthening your abilities, building confidence in your future, reinforcing your will, and expecting the best from your Lord.

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