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4 Ways to Remove Bad Thoughts and Doubts about God

How can I remove the bad thoughts and doubts I have in my heart about God?

There will always come a time where a person thinks about Allah. Even Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), when he first received revelation, he was terrified, he was so scared. His wife, Khadijah, said to him:

The creator of the heavens and the earth, the Lord Almighty, will never bring harm to you.

At times, there are, due to the challenges of life, due to certain things that we will read or hear, or interactions that we have with others… that kind of put a bad thought about Allah in our hearts.

And Allah and Prophet Muhammad teach us about two things:

1- Having good thoughts about Allah.

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2- Having bad thoughts about Allah.

Thinking Well of Allah

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says to us that Allah will deal with us in a way that we think about Him. So if you have an optimistic approach that whatever difficulties you’ve had in life are because of Allah’s test in you, knowing that He will not burden us with something that we can’t withstand.

Allah doesn’t give a soul more than it can withstand.

That you think of Allah as being one who is in tune with you, who has love for you, who sees you, hears you, knows you, then it gives you good hope in Allah. And a better outcome will definitely result.

Bad Thoughts about Allah

You want to subdue bad thoughts about Allah, where you become very pessimistic: “Why does this always happen to me?” “I pray, but that person doesn’t pray and nothing bad happens to them!” “Why am I the one who is facing these challenges? Why am I the one who is always in difficulty, strife, hardship, trial, and tribulation?”

Having a bad thought about Allah that He is not there for us, that He is unaware of our condition, that He hasn’t heard our dua… is one of the things that is seen in fact as a punishment of Allah:

They never esteemed Allah and gave Him the value that they should have given Him. (39:67)

So what are some acts of processes?

1- Reignite your Relationship with the Quran

Look into the words of Allah and see that there were those who were better than us, more loved by Allah than us, more virtuous than us that were tested in greater ways than us.

2- Know that the Healing in the Quran is in the Practice of it

It’s not that we just listen to it or we have it recited on us, it’s not just ruqya… It’s that we commit to a methodology of life that seeks to make the halal lawful, and haram forbidden.

Those who usually have bad thoughts of Allah are those who seek indulgence in that which they are battling their soul with. They want to do something that they know they shouldn’t, that Allah has condemned. And therefore, they find it difficult to conform to the order of Allah.

3- The Word Islam Means Submission

Sometimes you just have to submit to the will of Allah and faith necessitates that you and I are willing to submit to Allah.

4- Find Comfort with the Believers

Find comfort with those who will structure you, support you, and elevate you; those who will uplift you, and those who will raise you up from that moment of depression, sadness, and doubt about Allah with good words and good invitation towards the Almighty.

Whatever doubt you have in your heart, know that they are doubts and they are not real and that Allah is the source of all that is true and real in the world.