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7 Tips to Build Positive Habits - About Islam

7 Tips to Build Positive Habits

Link you new habit to cue that remind you to take action. For example, the trigger could be Fajr prayer… so that every Fajr you will know that you need to read Quran. Or the trigger could be something in your environment such as leaving the Quran by your bedside table.

The Language of Happiness - About Islam

The Language of Happiness

Keep in mind that you are training yourself for happiness and success. You have what it takes. Pray to Allah with hope, keeping in mind that you are strengthening your abilities, building confidence in your future, reinforcing your will, and expecting the best from your Lord.

How Prophet Muhammad Resolved Disputes - About Islam

How Prophet Muhammad Resolved Disputes

Many a time, one or both of the disputing parties would come to the Prophet complaining about the other, and he would use impartial judgment as well as Divinely-inspired wisdom to decide which one of them was wrong and needed to apologize or compensate the other.

Don't Give up Don't Let Satan Win

Never Give Up – Don’t Let Satan Win

Always be hopeful and ask Allah to guide your family to Islam, and to open their hearts and make it easy to have a loving relationship with them. Even if you don’t have a great relationship with your family, be grateful that you have one. Think of the orphans all around the world that don’t have family to have any sort of relationship with! Alhamdulilah

Lessons in Social Justice from Scandinavia - About Islam

Lessons in Social Justice from Scandinavia

Although Scandinavians are very well-off, I didn’t see anyone flaunting their wealth the way we see in other countries. There seemed to be a social code that made people want to keep a low profile in public and blend in with the crowds without standing out too much.

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