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Challenges of Being a New Muslim in America Today

Challenges of Being a New Muslim in America Today

You’ve entered a whole new world that is overflowing with the mercy and blessings of God Almighty. However, despite the newness of your faith, reality will sink in sooner rather than later. Muslims are a minority in America and a marginalized group that is maligned in the media regularly.

`Eid in Houston, Sharing & Caring with the Needy

HOUSTON – This year on `Eid Al-Adha, Muslims around the world offered up a sacrificial lamb, goat, or camel in honor of Abraham’s perfect obedience when Allah called on him to take his son’s life. The ritual slaughter of an animal is in remembrance and gratefulness of Allah’s mercy to Abraham when he stopped him …

Durham Museum Chronicles Oldest N. Carolina Muslim Community

DURHAM – The Museum of Durham History has decided to chronicle and celebrate the earliest Muslims in North Carolina through its new exhibition named “Building Bridges Through Good Faith”, and scheduled for August 11. “The members of Ar-Razzaq Islamic Center have lived their lives in a way to make Durham better, and so that bridges …

Historic Record for US Muslim Candidates Running for Office

US Muslims Run for Office in Record Numbers

MASSACHUSETTS – An unprecedented number of Muslim Americans are running for national and statewide offices this election cycle in USA. According to VOA News, the Muslim American community has never witnessed such a high number of candidates since at least the 9/11 Attacks; it has now reached up to 90 candidates. From Congress to state …

US Group Reinstates Award to Muslim Leader

US Group Reinstates Award to Muslim Leader

SAN JOSE — The American interfaith group, PACT, has reinstated its award on June 28 to a Muslim leader after weeks of rescinding it under pressure from Jewish lobbyists, Mercury News reported. In an official statement to community members and leaders, the group, called People Acting in Community Together (PACT), apologized for rescinding Zahra Billoo’s …

Veiled Muslim

1 in 4 Veiled Muslim Women Attacked in NY Subway: Survey

NEW YORK – The Commission on Human Rights of New York, USA, has found that Muslims beside other religious minorities of the city have experienced widespread bias, discrimination, harassment and assaults in recent years. “27% of veiled Muslim Arab women said they have been pushed on a subway platform,” a survey conducted by the commission and …

US Muslims and Power of Storytelling

One of the communication aspects that Muslim communities should care for is the way they tell their story. As a matter of fact, It is a vital factor that shapes the way Muslims connect and interact with others. Story also has an incredible power to tie the past with the present. Through storytelling we can …

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