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Why Can’t I Marry Whom I Want?

Why Can’t I Marry Whom I Want?

When Muslim youth of different cultural backgrounds become attracted to each other, there are typically at least two reactions from others.

About Islam Is Seeking Youth Writers - Join Our Team!

About Islam Is Seeking Youth Writers - Join Our Team!

Aboutislam is providing a platform for Muslim youths to get their voices heard. Wegreatly respect our young readers. We know that you are intelligent, thoughtful and heartfelt.Thus, we invite you to please share your voice, thoughts and experiences with our millions of readers around the globe. What age are we looking for? 16-25 years old. …


What It Means to Be a Man?

Muslims believe that at the end of our life, we will stand alone before Allah Almighty on Judgment Day and give an account of all the things we have done, good or bad. On that day, we will all feel so ashamed that we will weep in the presence of Allah Almighty, asking forgiveness for …

Why Congregational Prayers Are Important in Campus

Why Congregational Prayers Are Important in Campus

If you are a student, do you prefer congregational prayers or you just pray alone? Here is why the question is important. The company that you keep will either make you or break you. If you want to be a better person, be around people who will help you improve. Where to find these friends? …


"Streets Are My Home"

What goes through your mind when you pass them on the street? Many of us who are lucky enough to have a dinner ready after coming home from school, a comfortable bed to lie in at night, and parents who support us financially, probably wouldn’t understand what it feels like to spend the coldest night …


Top 3 Free Apps You Need to Download This Ramadan

To tell you honestly, I am not an Apps, social media and sometimes even modern technology fan at all. In Ramadan, I tend to be even stricter to myself and hibernate or block all sites that oftentimes distract me. Bye-bye Facebook, bye-bye Messenger. I know there are Apps dedicated to Muslim users in general, among …

British Muslims

What Are the Problems with British Muslim Youth?

I watched the second episode of “Extremely British Muslims” the other day and what can I say? It made me very sad. British Muslim youth seem to have been neglected by the British authorities, media and members of the public as well as members of their own community. They seem to be in a limbo …

Walking Guilty - The Weight of Doubt & Sin - About Islam

Walking Guilty - The Weight of Doubt & Sin

Author Umm Zakiyyah shares how her efforts to attain “religious safety” made her faith suffer—because she consistently chose the strictest opinion, rather than risk “walking guilty,” carrying the weight of doubt and sin. I thought I had it all figured out. I know that sounds cliché, naïve even, but it’s true. I wasn’t going to …

the homeless

Muslim Youths Feed the Homeless in London

As part of our goal to highlight positive examples of Muslim youths, wewould like to share with Aboutislam’s readers a diversity of role models and inspiring humanitarian projects. In this interview, we shed light on “Children of Adam”, UK, which is involved through many events, in helping homeless people. We would like to thank sister …

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