Top 3 Free Apps You Need to Download This Ramadan

To tell you honestly, I am not an Apps, social media and sometimes even modern technology fan at all. In Ramadan, I tend to be even stricter to myself and hibernate or block all sites that oftentimes distract me. Bye-bye Facebook, bye-bye Messenger.

I know there are Apps dedicated to Muslim users in general, among them many were specifically created for Ramadan, but never thought to even have a look at them. I do not need more distraction – I believed. But then a few days ago, I came across an advertisement of a Ramadan Apps and got the idea to give a chance to these Islamic Apps. Well, I have to tell you, some of them actually convinced me!

So, here I collected for you those 3 apps that I found beneficial Specially for Ramadan.

Muslim Pro Ramadan 2017

This app seems to be a quite popular one with over 30 million Muslim users around the world, and after downloading it, I realized why.

This app really encompasses everything you might need in Ramadan. Of course, as many other app for Muslims, it helps you  find your Qibla direction, lists the prayer and fasting times according to your location, and has the entire Quran so that you can read on your way.

What extra they offer is that you can control at which prayer time you want to hear the Azan and at which time you do not (because maybe you live in a non-Muslim country and do not want the whole bus to hear the call for your prayer). For the Quran, you have the option to read it in Arabic and/or the translation which is available in 16 languages.

Muslim Pro Ramadan 2017 also offers  you:

  • The Hijri calendar
  • The Hisnul Muslim collection of duas
  • Mosques and Halal restaurants locations around you
  • Zakat calculator
  • An audio and the text of the Sahadah (just in case you meet someone who wants to convert to Islam)
  • Beautiful Islamic greeting cards ( that you can edit and share by email, Facebook, or else)
  • The 99 names of Allah

My absolute favorite features of the app are the tasbeeh and the dua request page. If you also get confused sometimes of your dhikr, you can choose to have a 33 or 99 beeds tasbeeh on the app. Just tap on each beed to count your dhikr. You can even chose the color of your tasbeeh.

Muslim pro created a community page where users can write a short message and request other users to make dua for them for certain reasons. And as on Facebook you can “like” things, here you can click on “pray for this” under the member’s dua.

Ramadan 2017

This app is much simple than Muslim Pro, but still has some useful features. Besides showing you the hijri calendar, the fasting times (with a green or red knife and fork image), the best thing is that you can mark which day you did not fast for any reason. I think it is a very useful tool for women to mark the days of their menstruation period, for pregnant women who fasted only occasionally in Ramadan, or for anyone else who feels the need to track their missed fasting days.

You can also activate automatic notifications to never miss a prayer again. The app has also alarm options that can be set to start selected minutes before Iftar/Sahour.

Ramadan Legacy

This app has all the features the previous two have. One extra this app has specifically is that you can track not only which days you fasted or not, but which days you prayed your 5 daily prayers (you can mark each prayer individually, but hope you pray all) and whether you read Quran and if so, then how much – 1, ½, or ¼ juz (or para as written by the app).

There are also carefully selected authentic and inspirational knowledge cards to learn on the go and a daily deed to perform!

The app features a content feed packed full of inspiring blogs and videos on topics allowing users to go through an engaging learning experience.

There is also a journal feature where you can record your emotions and thoughts on a daily basis allowing you to build up an emotional record of your deepest conversations with your soul.


Ramadan Kareem!

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