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Non-Muslims Support New Jersey Mosque

At a public hearing for a proposal to build a new mosque in New Jersey, Southern Baptists, Sikhs and Hare Krishnas have voiced their support to the Muslim worshiping house, telling a federal court that the mosque should be approved.

Brooklyn Borough President Visits Local Mosque

Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams has paid a special visit to the Islamic Society of Bay Ridge mosque, the visit widely praised by local Muslims as a gesture of solidarity against rising Islamophobia.

Bosnia Mosque: 16th Century Building Reopens

A historical Bosnia Mosque has just re-opened. It’s the first time in 23 years that Muslims have been able to openly practice their faith here. This is the Ferhadija mosque, in Banja Luka, where an estimated twenty thousand people turned up from all over Bosnia. This 16th century mosque, destroyed by nationalists in Bosnia, has …

Corsica Mosque Set on Fire

Amid rising far-right rhetoric in the French island, the largest mosque in Corsica has been set on fire, in the second attack to target a Muslim worshipping house.

Marseille Synagogue to Convert to Mosque

Reflecting good interfaith relations in the French city, Marseille synagogue was bought by an Islamic cultural association that will convert it into a mosque to accommodate the growing Muslim community in the city.

Nice Mayor Opposes Opening of French Riviera Mosque

A new mosque in French Riviera ready for inauguration since last November is facing opposition from the mayor of Nice who is set to sue the French state over it, sparking criticism from the city Muslim population.

Standing Strong in a Mad World

How equipped are young people to, not only, cope with what is going on, but to actually try to redress the damage done by generations already passed? What will spending hours every day sitting in front of various forms of screens do to help them on their way?

Why Interested in Islam?

The negative portrait being painted did not coincide with the experiences I had with Muslim classmates and neighbors growing up in Philadelphia. I decided to research some facts about Islam.

From Windmills to Minarets

I went to Turkey on holiday and had a look inside some of the greater mosques. With every step I took, with every day that went by, I could feel the presence of God in my life grow. I went into nature and for the first time, I could see that what was in front of me were signs of the Creator.

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