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Conversion From Nowhere

I can truly say now, looking back on the whole story, that I was overwhelmingly blessed by the way Allah guided me to Islam. I look back now and see my old friends from high school and how lost they are.

Sweden Muslims, Christians Unite For Refugees

Setting an example of interfaith cooperation across the world, two of Sweden’s largest Muslim and Christian congregations have united their forces to offer their skills, time and money to refugees.

Deeper Reasons For My Shahadah

The Muslim accepts no man as a mediator between himself and his God. He goes direct to the invisible source of creation and life, God, without reliance on saving formula of repentance of sins and belief in the power of a teacher to afford him salvation.

Muslim Community Forgives Mosque Shooter

An American citizen who once shot his neighboring mosque in Meriden, Connecticut, has visited his Muslim neighbors’ house of worship, offering apology and opening a new page of relations to bridge gaps.

Erdogan Inaugurates US First Twin-Minaret Mosque

In the inaugural ceremony of America’s largest mosque, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticized US presidential candidates for encouraging xenophobic and Islamophobic rhetoric, Russia Today reported on Sunday, April 3.

America's Largest Mosque Opens Soon

America’s largest mosque will be inaugurated later this week in Maryland by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, featuring classical Ottoman architecture with two minarets.

Canadian Mosque, Synagogue Team Up for Refugees

Welcoming Syrian refugees in Canada, two Ontario Jewish and Muslim groups have formed an unlikely partnership to help newcomers, sharing responsibility and setting an example of interfaith unity.

Prayer Makes Us Better (Part 4)

Prayer makes us better. Prayer makes us whole and makes us holy. It helps us to cope with all the rubbish life throws at us. It helps us to make sense of our world and all that is happening in it. From our innermost core, prayer makes us better.

Women Area in Mosque: Too Many Restrictions? (Part 1)

Women Area in Mosque: Too Many Restrictions?

In This Series Part 1: Too Many Restrictions? Part 2: Access to the Imam Part 3: Women Rows Part 4: Men’s Prayer Disrupted by Women? Part 5: Children Rows and Mosque’s Doors Where should women offer prayer within a mosque? And where did they pray during the lifetime of the Prophet (peace and blessings be …

The 7 Roles of the Mosque

There are several authentic hadiths that demonstrate that the mosque of the Prophet was the normal place for those who would like to ask about Islam to come and ask. Non-Muslims were not banned or discouraged from the mosque as we, sadly, see today.

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