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Texans Know About Islam in Open Mosque Day

TEXAS – People in Harris County in Texas have been offered a unique opportunity to know more about Islam and Muslims, thanks to the city’s local mosque which invited them to an open day on Saturday.

“Muslims are opening the doors of our Mosques to our neighbors to provide them with an opportunity to get to know the Muslim community,” said GainPeace Director, Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, reported.

“The current political climate has created an environment of mistrust, and also a curiosity in public to learn more about Islam and these Mosque Open Houses will educate them and take any questions on Islam,” she added.

Dr. Ahmed was speaking at the open day held Saturday at the Bear Creek Islamic Center. The event is the latest educational effort by Houston-area Muslims whose main objective is to ease fear and misconceptions linked with their faith.

After sharing a meal with their Muslim neighbors, visitors listened to an informational program, before getting a custom henna tattoo.

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“Ninety-percent of our fellow Americans, they have never been to a Mosque,” said Ahmed.

“There are so many fears of the unknowns when it comes to people of different cultures, nationalities and especially religions.”

The event is not the first for Texas Muslims. Over the past three years, Houston mosques have hosted these types of open houses regularly.

Ahmed estimates about 300,000 Muslims live in the Houston-area.

“So it’s important for us to know our neighbors, who experience the world, the same world, but in different ways,” said mother and Lutheran Pastor Jen Kindsvatter.