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From a Somali Refugee to the First US Hijab-Clad Model

From a Somali Refugee to the First US Hijab-Clad Model

Born in 1997, Halima Aden was displaced by conflicts and famine in Somalia to neighboring Kenya where she spent her early childhood in a sprawling settlement, home to tens of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers. When she was seven, her family managed to get permission to immigrate to the United States. As a high …

British Muslim Model Campaigns On Supporting Women

British Muslim Model Campaigns for Supporting Women

The British Muslim model of Moroccan Pakistani descents, Mariah Idrissi, has delivered a keynote speech addressing British Muslims and non-Muslims on the subject of recognizing and supporting women. Mariah shot to fame as the first model to wear a headscarf in a campaign by global retailer H&M, in 2015, marking a significant push towards reaching …

Not a Pop Star Leading My Way- Muhammad Does

Not a Pop Star Leading My Way: Muhammad Does

By loving Muhammad and by following his well-documented example, we express our desire to be the best that we can be, to achieve intimacy with God through none other than being complete human beings.

The Miraculous Design of Insects Flight

The Miraculous Design of Insects Flight

Inspiration for Helicopters: The Dragonfly The flight system of these insects is nothing less than a wonder of design. The world’s leading helicopter manufacturer, Sikorsky, finished the design of one of their helicopters by taking the dragonfly as a model.[1] IBM, which assisted Sikorsky in this project, started by putting a model of a dragonfly in …

Gave Up Modelling Career For Islam

I Gave Up Modeling Career - Islam Made Me Precious

I quit modeling, I don’t think it was because of Islam, I think it was because of me as a woman knowing my limit because there was no limit with modeling. Models will do anything like they’d take all of their clothes, they’d say anything, they’d be anyone…

What Led an American Model to Embrace Islam?

What Led an American Model to Embrace Islam?

As the emptiness grew, the parties became dull, I got stuck with a sexy image and the hipster friends did not bring out the best in me, to say the least. I began to hate who I was becoming in those short months and I was back to feeling lost, hopeless and confused about the world.

Get to Know Surat At-Tahrim – With Brother Nouman

This surah is very unique. It’s got stories that are not mentioned anywhere else, and references and subject matters that have not been combined in a way that have been combined in this very brief 12 ayah surah. I will start by giving you an illustration of how things are organized inside this surah that helps us appreciate the subject matter.

What Led an American Model to Embrace Islam?

The Truth That Found Me!

I felt a rushing sensation go through me which felt like a thorough cleansing. I felt pure and was given lightness, peace and genuine happiness. I had never felt such innocent gladness like that in my life.

Now I Have My Role Model

I saw that the Muslim character was firm on the truth and knew how to carry himself as a true believer of God. They were people who were in stressful positions but who were content with what was decreed for them, with no worries, with full trust in the Creator.

Prophet Muhammad - The Spiritual Leader

In his spiritual leadership, the Prophet Muhammad represented the best servanthood by showing his followers in his prayers how to be in awe of God, how to be humble, how to prostrate with deep feelings, and how to cry to God at night.

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