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Mahershala Ali, First Muslim Actor to Win Oscar, Ever

If you’ve been following the Oscars, then you should have watched the jaw-dropping moment when the Oscar-favorite “La La Land” was mistakenly named best picture at the 2017 Oscars. The real winner was “Moonlight” and host Jimmy Kimmel confirmed that “Moonlight” had indeed won, showing the inside of the envelope as proof. He joked, “I …

#BeingBlackAndMuslim - 21 Tweets Everyone Has to Read

Black people have to face a lot of racism and discrimination in our societies, inter-racial as well as within Muslim communities. And then you have people who are black and Muslim, and we often tend to ignore their causes and struggles. Not only do they have to deal with racism and discrimination because they’re black, …

Are We Giving New Muslims Their Rights?

I Misunderstood Islam Due to Media Image

I was not yet a Muslim but the articles were so outrageous that I sent a letter to the editor in defense of Islam. I became curious about Islam. I re-read some articles I had picked up several months earlier from the MSA Islam Awareness Week display at my university…

Dean Obeidallah Joins Muslim Comics Mocking Trump

“How many people here in the audience are Muslim?” Obeidallah asked at the beginning of the show, looking out at an audience sprinkled with hijabis and men in conservative dress. As hands began to rise, the comic offered a warning. “Little tip: When Trump is president, when someone asks, ‘Where are the Muslims?’ Don’t raise …

The Media’s Wild Portrayal of Islam Sparked my Curiosity

Being in London around that time, in 2005-2006, it was after the London terror attacks and obviously the 2001 events, the media was savage about Islam generally and I knew for a fact that it simply can’t be; you can’t be painted in such a picture where you have the complete extremes.

Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari Hits Trump Hard in SNL Monologue

Aziz Ansari tackled  racism and Islamophobia in his Saturday Night Live opening monologue, telling audiences, “Donald Trump is basically the Chris Brown of politics”. The 33-year-old American actor, who is of Indian heritage and whose family is Muslim, has been outspoken about racism and Islamophobia in the past. Ansari is the first person of South Asian descent to host …

La La Land

La La Land Review: Seek Your Dreams

Tittle: La La Land Country: USA Language: English Release Date: 25 December 2016 (USA) Runtime: 128 min Director: Damien Chazelle Writer: Damien Chazelle Stars: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Rosemarie DeWitt La La Land is a 2016 American romantic musical comedy-drama film written and directed by Damien Chazelle and starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, John …

Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari to Become First ‘SNL’ Host of South Asian Descent

Aziz Ansari, the co-creator of “Master of None,” is scheduled to make his “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut on Jan. 21, becoming the comedy sketch show’s first host of South Asian descent in a move towards more cultural diversity, given the history of “SNL” mainly monopolized by white hosts. The show’s most recent diversity-related controversy …

I Am Muslim! Why Do People Think I Am Arab?

With the media propaganda of Islam being equated with terrorism, and that being equated with ‘Arabness’, we can understand how the general population might not be blamed for thinking Muslims to be Arabs.

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