#BeingBlackAndMuslim – 21 Tweets Everyone Has to Read

Black History Month

Black people have to face a lot of racism and discrimination in our societies, inter-racial as well as within Muslim communities. And then you have people who are black and Muslim, and we often tend to ignore their causes and struggles.

Not only do they have to deal with racism and discrimination because they’re black, they’re also dealing with Islamophobia because they’re Muslim. That’s why the hashtag #BeingBlackAndMuslim was trending on twitter and here’s a brief summary of the various tweets people shared.

1- Read and never forget


2- #beingblackandmuslim in one tweet


3- That’s why we should all support #blackhistorymonth


4- Double standards

5- When you’re black, Muslim and a woman…

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6- You know something is wrong when you need Trump before you help each other out

7- Sadly enough, non-black Muslims can be so ignorant

8- Preach!

9- This is like the one ‘advantage’ of being a minority


10- Some non-black Muslims should really buy themselves a map


11- I mean, check this out



13- You don’t really belong anywhere

14- You might think of this, next time you’re venting


15- Pretty much sums it up


16- So much hypocrisy


17- I think it’s time that we let people speak for themselves


18- Never stop standing up to injustice!

19- It’s just as bad as white people shouting ‘ALL lives matter’

20- It’s as simple as that

21- But at the end, you should never forget that we love you, guys!


This article was first published on Mvslim.com