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Muslims Defend, Explain "Allahu Akbar" Phrase

Amid claims that New York attacker uttered Allahu Akbar before crushing into bike riders, many Muslim activists and scholars have found themselves forced to defend their faith and the term the majority of Muslims use in their everyday-life with no bad intention.

Muslims on Manhattan Attack: Allah Is Great, Terror Is Not

In the latest terrorist incident to hit America, Uzbekistan born Sayfullo Saipov, is reported to have called out “Allahu Akbar,” meaning God is Great. He is correct, God is indeed Great, but saying God is Great while doing what God specifically prohibits – murdering 8 people, injuring 11 – is not greatness, it is terrorism.

Muslims Fear Backlash After Manhattan Attack

Fear, frustration, and prayers he is not a Muslim are the first emotions Muslims experience after the news about any attack. Manhattan’s Tuesday truck attack was not an exception.

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