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How Do I Get My Kids Excited About Quran Class?

How Do I Get My Kids Excited About Quran Class?

Parents often enroll their children in Quran classes at the masjid or at school, however, the children themselves do not want to go to the Quran class. Parents often force their kids to go against their will. So, how can parents convince their children to go to Quran class? How to get them excited about …


When Should I Teach My Child Quran?

In this counseling answer: •I would kindly suggest you start with age-appropriate teaching when the child is able to put words together in sentences. •While the child may not be developmentally able to grasp the full meaning, in time the Qur’an will become something that is easily read and understood by the child as she …

Ramadan & Qur'an

This Ramadan, Let Your Family Heal with the Qur’an

Many months have passed by since the last Ramadan! Yet there are scarce changes in the society, if one would take time to notice. Life is rushing past us. We are busy with our daily errands, working on our bodies, growing our intellect, but we ignore our soul. Every year that Ramadan comes it’s a …

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