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Connecting Your Children with the Quran

As a Muslim parent, you probably want to create a positive, loving connection between your children and the Quran.

While the Quran is certainly a book that is held with the utmost respect at home, make sure that it is easily accessible for all members of the family.

Let your children be able to touch it, look at it, and use it. Let it be a book of joyful memories instead of fearful ones about some “unreachable” book on the top of the self.

Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair shares very valuable parenting advice on how to create positive memories around the Quran.

Click on the video to learn more.

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Published with the kind permission of AlMaghrib Institute.

This content is a part of “The Book of Wonders”, a 5 week program for kids about the miracles of the Quran.