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I Became Muslim After the War on Terror - An Amazing Story

Hundreds of miles away from us in our sleepy little southern corner of the world, distance suddenly seemed to vanish into inches as we saw and heard and felt the devastation in front of our eyes. Nothing in our wildest imagination or our most cynical thinking could prepare us for this kind of cruel intent.

Was Islam Derived from Judaism?

Months passed and I had almost forgotten about Zenita, when suddenly she called and begged me to meet her at the Metropolitan Museum and go with her to look at the special exhibition of exquisite Arabic calligraphy and ancient illuminated manuscripts of the Quran.

God will Give You a Sign!

Islam is beautiful because we learn something all our lives. We can never achieve perfection of the same sort as God’s, because He shows us that it is only Him who is perfect.

I Had Not Gone Shopping for a New Religion

I planned to begin in Morocco, because I knew that country well and because it followed traditional Islam and was fairly stable. The last place I wanted to start was in a backwater full of uproarious sectarians. I wanted to paddle the mainstream, the broad, calm water.

Do Not Despair: Islam Tells What Success Really Is

Always work to improve your own understanding of Islam to avoid falling into the waylay trap of the “contemporary” thought and definition of success. Those who seek knowledge on the path of Allah with sincere intentions, Allah will safeguard and preserve them in their deen.

I'm No Longer a Floater

I was in high school when I accepted Islam as my new way of life. My life didn’t change overnight, but my heart did. I knew from the start that Allah was indeed the only deity worthy of worship, and that He sent Prophet Muhammad to guide all mankind to that knowledge.

An Intellectual Journey to the Truth

As I sifted through the countless logical facts that I read through and researched, one thing took my attention the most. “Islam”. The name of this religion. I noticed it is written many times in this Quran.

From Tibetan Mountains to Mount Sinai

I feel such a great peace and comfort –just like that childhood feeling again- and I know that I can sleep now; I know that I’m safe. Surely I know there’s a God, Who created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them.

I Felt Islam Deep Inside My Heart

I want to be a good Muslim; I am sure that as long as I will be guided by God, I will lead a good and meaningful life. I lost my parents but gained a meaningful way of life. I am not afraid of anything, except God Almighty.

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