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Election Night May-Hem: Muslims Find Hope in Hung Parliament

Adopting the leadership of the Conservative Party as Prime Minister after Brexit, something she campaigned against, Theresa May called for an election, something she said she would not do, in an effort to solidify her ‘Brexit means Brexit’ position, expecting sweeping support to give her a mandate to do as she pleases, which none of us know as she neither outlined her Brexit negotiating position, nor provided a costed budget.

Theresa May Wishes Muslims Ramadan Mubarak

British Prime Minister Theresa May sent her greetings to all Muslim communities for the holy month of Ramadan, in Britain and around the world, in a special message marking the start of the holy month on Saturday, May 27.

Labour Leader Joins Anti-Pegida Campaign

Adding weight to a campaign rejecting anti-Islam group, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has backed a campaign opposing a planned anti-Islam march through Birmingham for “targeting Muslims”.

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