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Same-Sex Feelings How to Get Rid of Them

Same-Sex Feelings: How to Get Rid of Them?

In this counseling answer: • Your constant intrusive thoughts about being attracted to males possibly falls within the range of a mild OCD. There is a subsection classified under OCD which does include obsessive thoughts about sexuality. • These thoughts will go away as you settle into your new life with your wife as well as …

I Committed Homosexual Act; I Feel So Guilty

I Committed a Homosexual Act; I Feel So Guilty

In this counseling answer: • Studies have shown that depressed, relative to non-depressed persons, make qualitatively different decisions, leading many doctors and psychotherapists to suggest to their patients that they should avoid making major life choices while in a depressed state. • It is your responsibility to seek help to resolve the depression. Not only …

Birmingham Muslims Protest Curriculum Promoting Homosexuality

BIRMINGHAM – A local British councilor has called for peace talks between protesting Muslim parents and a school in Birmingham, the UK after accusations of “promoting homosexuality among their so young children in the class.” “Being open about LGBT in the classroom isn’t a good idea. Parkfield Community School must listen to the concerns being …

Ex-Muslim Family Member Makes Me Confused About Islam

Ex-Muslim Family Member Makes Me Confused About Islam

In this counseling answer: • When a Muslim woman wears a Hijab, she is stating that her recognition is not beauty, but rather her brain, her strength, her careers, etc. Hijab makes a statement that we are to be judged for our worth, not our appearance. • I want you to personally reach out to …

I've Always Wanted to Be a Girl

I've Always Wanted to Be a Girl

In this counseling answer: • It seems you have higher levels of estrogen; a hormone responsible for the female development and feminine energy. • You have some traumatic experiences with your sexuality and positive male interactions. • Seek counseling and work through any sexually traumatic events which have influenced SSA with a therapist. As-Salaam ’Alaikum brother, It is …

Should Muslims Accept Same-Sex Marriage When Legalized?

Should Muslims Accept Same-Sex Marriage If Legalized?

Following the Orlando nightclub shooting, there were calls for “radical revision” of Islamic prohibition of same-sex marriage. Living in a land where homosexuality is OK by law, how should a Muslim react? Are we responsible to enforce our beliefs? On the other hand, should we compromise and abandon our beliefs? Where do we draw the line? As …

I'm Still Homosexual After Marriage

I'm Still Homosexual After Marriage

In this counseling answer: “Use that time to look at how your homosexuality began in order to help you find your way forward in life instead of sitting alone recycling negative thoughts that make you more depressed. “ As-Salamu ‘Aleikom, I am sorry to hear of this dilemma that you have lived with for so …

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