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7 Tips on Talking to Kids About Homosexuality

Homosexuality has gained greater acceptance as an “alternative lifestyle” in the last 10 to 20 years in North America.

Public school sex education, under the rubric of “Family Life Education” generally teaches an acceptance of homosexuality, a respect and/or tolerance for it. As is the case with sex education in general, there is little to no moral guidance on the topic. Just a neutral presentation.

Homosexuality, like other matters pertaining to sexuality, is openly discussed in the Quran and Sunnah. We have no excuse as Muslim parents, teachers, community leaders and individuals not to clearly discuss this issue with our kids.

In this article, you’ll find 7 tips from professionals on discussing the issue of homosexuality with your children.

 #1: Clearly outline what is homosexual behavior

In many Muslim cultures, it is not uncommon to find people of the same sex kissing on the cheeks, hugging, or holding hands. None of these actions are deemed sexual in any way. Children must not confuse real Halal affection between his brothers or her sisters, versus deviant sexual behavior.

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#2: Tell them what Islam says about homosexuality, with wisdom

Discuss with them that since Allah is the Creator of human beings, He knows what is good and bad for us. If He tells us that homosexuality is wrong, we must heed His warning. Explain the harms associated with homosexuality such as AIDS or the fact that this kind of sexual relationship can not yield any children.

#3: Get them to write a paper or do an assignment about it

Get teens to research the topic and write a paper on homosexuality. Provide books that give the Islamic perspective. This is a good way for them to grasp the concept. Then discuss their findings with them.

#4: Make it clear people are not born that way

If people were born to commit homosexual acts, Allah would not have destroyed Prophet Lut’s community. These people had an opportunity to change. They didn’t, and Allah destroyed them. This is a test Shaytan puts in our way.

#5: Make the distinction between desires and actions

Allah does not hold us responsible for our thoughts as long as we don’t act on them. Thus, a Muslim who develops homosexual desires but does not act on them must seek the sincere help and guidance of Allah to turn away from this lifestyle.

#6: Emphasize the importance of Islamic practice in keeping these desires away

Having these thoughts is a test from Allah. The only way we can truly protect ourselves from homosexuality is to always remember Allah. Fasting in particular is useful in controlling lust.

#7: Emphasize the importance of maintaining Islamic rules of modesty, even with the same sex

After high school gym classes, boys often shower together. The same happens in girls’ locker rooms. Parents and Muslim communities must be on guard against these types of situations. Respect the privacy of both the same and opposite gender when changing clothes.


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