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Harassed By Parents, Help Me!

Harassed By Parents, Help Me!

In this counseling answer: “I would kindly suggest dear sister that you look into the possibility of living with other relatives or friends. If this is not possible please do insha’Allah network at the Masjid to see if there are any rooms available in exchange for helping with children, housework etc.  As you are 37 is seems as if you …

From Harassing Islam to a Staunch Lover

From Harassing Islam to a Staunch Lover

I started to hate Islam because of these horrible Muslims killing innocent people here and there for no reason whatsoever. I dragged my best friend at the time into this, and she quickly hated Islam as well. We Snapchatted each other, with pictures of…

What You Should Do If Sexually HarassedWhat You Should Do If Sexually Harassed

What You Should Do If Sexually Harassed

We live in a hyper-sexualized society where sexual harassment is an ongoing issue. Sexual harassment is not a new occurrence, but due to mass media it has become an increasingly discussed topic. Sisters from around the world are stepping out in solidarity to speak about what happened to them and sometimes the perpetrators are respected …

hijab sexual assault

Does Hijab Guarantee Protection From Sexual Assault?

Short Answer: Of course not. It’s mere fabric, and it’s not meant to protect us. It’s an act of worship, not a means of protection. Women in hijab are sexually assaulted just as often as other women. Sexual assault or harassment is never the victim’s fault, regardless what she was wearing. Of course women are permitted to …

US Muslim Shopper’s Harassment Condemned

A Facebook video showing an American woman’s racist attack targeting a Muslim shopper has stirred angry reactions, as the number of harassment complaints targeting Muslims in the US doubled to 10 folds compared to last year.

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