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I Want to Marry a Disabled Man

In this counseling answer: “You could suggest that they meet his parents or family and not just him. This will also give them reassurance that he comes from a good family and will take the focus away from him alone if that is what you fear will make them reject the proposal. If they are confident …


Navigating the Muslim Marriage Crisis - Why Are We Still Single?

Why are we still single? Are we going through a marriage crisis? Is love an essential ingredient before marriage? Growing up in the West has had a major influence on us as single Muslims in how we live our lives and how we view and seek marriage. Many of us have grown a thick skin …

parenting in a mixed marriage

Parenting in Mixed Marriages

As part of an intercultural marriage you’ll need to learn how to navigate these differences and take all extended family opinions and advice with a grain of salt.

I Have Low Self-Esteem; How Will I Get Married?

I Have Low Self-Esteem; How Will I Get Married?

In this counseling answer:  “Bullying can cause so many problems later in life such as the ones you are going through now. Please start a journal by taking a self-inventory. Write down all of your good attributes and successes no matter how insignificant you may think they are. Please do not let the bully win. You …

arranged marraige

Arranged Marriage: Muslim Women Speak Out

Read part one Saima addresses a pertinent aspect of arranged marriages – perhaps something unique to the Sub-Continental culture. She admits that many arranged Pakistani marriage are laced with ill-feelings, such as anger, jealousy, and hatred. Many scholars hailing from the Indo-Pak region,often address this dimension in lectures, talks and even khutbahs. “Many women don’t …


Marriage As a Roller Coaster: Special Tips

Blessings in life are like the autumn, the colors and the breeze are welcomed warmly. One such blessing is the happy marriage. Though, it has been a trend to host a marriage ceremony grandly, but once it is over everything is over. It is a shame that the sparks of the wedding night fade so …

intercultural marriage

Before Entering into an Intercultural Marriage

Intercultural marriages are completely allowed in Islam. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) even encouraged the believers to give less weight to things like culture, race, beauty, and wealth, in order to find a mate based on a compatible level of faith. When considering a spouse for an Islamic marriage, the main thing …

Marriage Possible

New Muslim with Children: Is Marriage Possible?

Wa Alaykum Assalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu Dear Mark, Thank you so much for your question and your desire to learn and follow the right path in all matters of your life. We are very grateful to Allah Almighty for guiding you. What a major gift it is, alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah). We also …

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