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How to Get Married: Finding Someone – Part 3

What should a Muslim do for finding a spouse?

This video is the third in a series by brother Abdel Rahman Murphy on how to get married in Islam.

In Part 1, he dealt with the issue of self-evaluation, to answer the question “Who am I?” in order to find the right answer to the question “Who do I really need to look for?”

In Part 2, the main focus was on how to engage parents in this process and get them involved in the journey for finding the right spouse.

In this third video, the main topic is how do you meet somebody, and brother Abdel Rahman gives three main pieces of valuable advice:

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1- Be balanced in your approach in finding somebody. To do that, don’t discount people you already know just because you already know them.

At the same time, don’t go to the other extreme of of constantly proposing to people who you don’t know.

Be balanced, and don’t go to either of the two extremes.

2- If you have a certain set of values which you want the other person to have, increase your chances in meeting somebody by participating in the types of activities they would probably engage in.

This would be a huge bonus in your compatibility test, as in this case both of you would have more common interests.

So be proactive and go out there to try to meet somebody, don’t be a hermit.

3- Trust in Allah (SWT), as this process needs patience and can be very demanding on several fronts.

Trust that Allah (SWT) has this person already chosen for you, so tie your camel and trust Allah.

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In the next Part, the focus will be on what do we look for in a spouse.