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Activate Your God-Spot

The human brain is the most complex organ man has been endowed with. Allah gave us the human brain to make us the best of all His creations, in order to differentiate us from animals and other creatures. It contains 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) and trillions of connecting fibers called synapses. It can store …

Suffering Nature Deficit Disorder?

“Verily! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, and the ships which sail through the sea with that which is of use to mankind, and the water (rain) which Allah sends down from the sky and makes the earth alive therewith after its death, and …

Treating Temperamental Depression Possible?

Knowing a person’s physiological temperament not only helps to determine the cause of illness, but it also helps in discerning the best treatment. Treating depression is one of the areas in which temperament typing proves invaluable. What constitutes depression varies by temperament type – two people can be exhibiting the same behavior; for one, it …

Reconnecting with My Lord

I chose Islam not to avoid Hellfire, not to attain Paradise, but purely because I wanted, more than anything, to be near to God. Here and now, and later in Paradise if He chose.

Adjusting to Islamic Lifestyle as a New Muslim - 3

Be prepared, because you will certainly encounter people that will watch every move you make, how you dress, what you say, where you go, who you talk to, and every other aspect of your life as if you are under investigation for something.

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