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New Muslim Trying to Learn: What Information Can I Trust on Social Media?

Short Answer: Learning about Islam is like climbing a ladder: take it one step at a time, or you’ll fall. Remember: Islam was revealed over the course of many years. You are not expected to know it all overnight. Climb the ladder one step at a time and apply your critical thinking skills to everything you are told. Unfortunately, …

French Muslim Group Sues Facebook over Christchurch Video

PARIS – A leading French Muslim group said on Monday it was suing Facebook and YouTube, accusing them of inciting violence by allowing the streaming of footage of the Christchurch massacre on their platforms, Reuters reported. The French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) accused both companies of inciting hate by allowing material that encouraged …

secret marriage

I Discovered His Secret Marriage Through Facebook

“Yes, it was a bitter reality to accept, but I faced it. I was there!” This was the answer of Nadia* (names have been changed due to privacy issues) when I asked her about how she views her life a year after discovering her husband’s secret marriage. Nadia, like many women, was living an ordinary …

Indonesians Turn to Facebook to Search for Loved Ones

JAKARTA – Indonesians devastated by a deadly earthquake and tsunami have turned to social media sites to search for their missing family members. “Have you seen any of my family members in these photographs?” asks one user on one Facebook group with 6,843 members, Agence France Press reported. “I want to know if they are …

Research Warns Against Rising Anti-Muslim Groups on Facebook

NORTH CAROLINA – A university professor’s research analyzing hundreds of far-right Facebook groups over a 10-month period has warned that anti-Muslim content on Facebook was much worse than thought, accusing the company of not taking enough steps to counter hate. “Anti-Muslim groups are way worse, in every way than what I would have guessed coming …

The Pitfalls of Facebook for New Muslims

The Pitfalls of Facebook for New Muslims

It’s very easy to form relationships on Facebook. You’ve probably read different stories of how long lost family members have found one another on Facebook or even childhood friends who have reconnected after decades apart. It also has become a place where matchmaking takes place…

From About Islam 101 to Becoming Muslim

From About Islam 101 to Becoming Muslim

“When I forced myself to evaluate where I stood on faith and religion,” Mallory explains… I started learning [about other faiths] by watching lectures on YouTube and purchasing books on Amazon. My favorite resource actually ended up being About Islam 101!”

Facebook Fitna

Nowadays, many of us have Facebook fitna. We spend far too much time scrolling through our newsfeeds for news. This is a source of fitna.

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