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Muslims in Memphis Kick Off Month-long Event - About Islam

Muslims in Memphis Kick Off Month-long Event

MEMPHIS – In an effort to draw awareness to the true teachings of Islam, the initiative themed “Muslims in Memphis Month” kicked off in several mosques in Memphis on Saturday, March 2, maintain the successful event for almost two decades. “If you want to know the authentic religion of Islam, if you want to know …

Shaka Heritage Day

South Africa Opens Mosques for Visits on Heritage Day

DURBAN – In keeping with the spirit of the Shaka Heritage Day of South Africa on September 24 when the citizens are encouraged to celebrate diversity, selected mosques across the country will be open for visits aspart of the “National Mosque Open Day campaign,” IOL.co.za reported on September 7. “The mosque open day programme is …

Halal Festival

Toronto Set for North America's Largest Halal Food Festival

TORONTO – The 6th edition of ‘Halal Food Fest Toronto’billed as “North America’s largest halal food festival” will be held on July 14-15, Daily Hive reports. Over 35,000 visitors from different Canadian communities are expected to enjoy the festivalat the International Center in Mississauga, Canada. More than 200 halal restaurants, bakeries, manufacturers, specialty stores and …

Be Part of the World #QuranHour Community!

Be Part of the World #QuranHour Community!

We seek your kind cooperation to register your local community online. All you have to do is head on to www.worldquranhour.com, click “Register Participation Here!”, fill in a simple form and you are ready to participate…

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