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born crippled

Born Crippled: Did I Inherit My Ancestors' Sins?

Short Answer: It is true that Islam does not accept inherited sin or punishment. Muslims do not accept the view that someone’s physical defect is a punishment given to him/her instead of their father. Islam teaches that the justice of God is all-pervading and that there is no question of His punishing one person for the sin of another. …

Disabled but Want to Marry This Lady

Disabled but Want to Marry This Lady

Answer: As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum my dear brother in Islam, Thank you for complimenting our answers. It makes me feel much rewarded that you follow our answers and like them; maybe that means I might be saying the right thing(s) sometimes, In Sha’ Allah, by the Mercy and Guidance of Allah. Secondly, feel assured, I, and all …


Making Hajj in a Wheelchair

Shari’ah doesn’t obligate disabled Muslims to perform hajj. Nevertheless, a strong desire to make this spiritual journey pulls on the heartstrings of every Muslim. In past ages, the physical challenge of Hajj was far more rigorous than our air-conditioned era of comfortable accommodations. Nowadays, compassionate attention to the needs of disabled Muslims means that more …

Teacher Gaza

Down Syndrome Teacher Inspires Her Disabled Students

Exceptional personalities are needed to move people and make a memorable mark. Hiba Al Sharfa is one of those exceptional people. Looking at her can give a glimps of her struggles and also her lifelong effort to become a teacher with down syndrome. She is making her mark by teaching students with the same disability …


Taking Care of Disabled & Elderly Pilgrims

Muhammad Al-Sulami earns a living by pushing his wheelchair carrying the elderly and sick pilgrims in the Grand Mosque in Makkah. He has crossed millions of kilometers doing this tiresome but rewarding work in the past 20 years.

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