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Who Invented Celebrities?

Who Invented Celebrities?

Do you know who “invented” celebrities and taught people to look up to them as role models? Edward Bernays is called “The Father of Spin” for a reason. He practically invented mass manipulation techniques that are still used on us today to influence our decisions, not just our purchasing decisions, but even our political choices …

Celebrities & Islam in 2016 - About Islam

Celebrities & Islam in 2016

Many news about celebrities, Islam and Muslims have made headlines during the year 2016.
In this mini-file, we offer you a glimpse of the headlines that were most interesting to our readers during the year 2016, hoping you would enjoy them.

Muslim Figures We Lost in 2016 - About Islam

Muslim Figures We Lost in 2016

2016 has seen a host of some of Muslim figures pass away.
From scholars and sportsmen to celebrities, we want to remember these well-known figures who are no longer with us.

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