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"Treatment of the Soul, Healing of the Heart" - Muslim Physicians & Mental Health - About Islam

"Treatment of the Soul, Healing of the Heart" - Muslim Physicians & Mental Health

LONDON – While Judeo-Christian societies considered mental illness to be a “punishment of gods’, early Muslim physicians made it a special branch of medicine calling it “the treatment of the soul” or “healing of the heart”, My Salaam reported on February 13. Medieval Muslim physicians were interested in all branches of medicine, including psychology. In …


Bimaristans in Islamic Medical History

With the dawn of Islam on the Bedouin, nomadic tribes of the Arabian Peninsula came an enlightenment, not only strictly spiritual in nature, but also with cultural, educational and scientific connotations.

Hospitals in Islamic History - About Islam

Hospitals in Islamic History

The capital of the Islamic caliphate empire kept changing from one dynasty to another. In each capital, an important medical center developed. Thus, by the end of the 13th century, there were many medical centers spread throughout the Islamic world. As this is an expansive subject in history, Space does not allow the description of …


Medieval Islamic Hospitals & Medical Schools

Medieval Islamic civilization focused a great deal of attention on developing the medical arts. A key aspect was the development of hospitals and medical schools throughout the period.

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