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Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi

Religion in Battle: Is It a Winning Factor?

Many wars have been fought throughout history of humankind for religious reasons, namely the European wars of religion of the 16th and 17th centuries, Muslim conquests of the 7th to 19th centuries, and the Christian Crusades of the 11th to 13th centuries and the Spanish Reconquista of the 8th to 15th centuries.

Did the Prophet Command an Attack on the Quraysh Caravan? Part 3

Did the Prophet Command to Attack the Quraysh Caravan?

Recently, the Prophet objected to any form of belligerence against these caravans, and did not attack the caravans when he had the opportunity in non-sacred months (see Part 2). So, what then do his words above mean? The first analysis of his words reveals that…

3 Stories of Prophet Muhammad’s Mercy After Battles

3 Stories of Prophet Muhammad’s Mercy After Battles

Prophet Muhammad was the most compassionate of human beings. His compassion was not only limited to those who accepted his message. It extended as far as those disbelievers who were enough opposed to Islam to go into battle with the believers.

How to Establish Justice in Times of Fake News

This propaganda, or fake news, enabled them to muster up support for another attack on the Muslims. Horrible as it may seem, creating fake news to justify aggression and wrongdoing has been a common tactic. Take, for instance, the example in the Quran of those who killed Prophets in the past…

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