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Secrets to Healthy Aging

Secrets to Healthy Aging

No one can turn back the clock, however, you can slow it down. Some studies have suggested that about 70% of living longer is attributed to lifestyle versus genetics. According to the International Longevity Center in New York City, many of the physical changes that take place during a lifetime can be prevented, such as …


Anti-Aging for Optimal Health

“Human progress has never been achieved with unanimous consent. Those who are enlightened first are compelled to pursue the light in spite of others.”Christopher Columbus (1492). “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”Margaret Mead. “To grow old in a dignified way …

Blocking the Medical Field of Anti-Aging? - About Islam

Blocking the Medical Field of Anti-Aging?

In the first two pieces of this biological series we showed what is aging and why do we seek for a shield against it, how can we naturally and via the field of Gerontology avoid the health problems caused by aging. We also shed light on the beneficial outcomes humanity will gain when we enhance …

Future of Anti-Aging Medicine - About Islam

Future of Anti-Aging Medicine

In the first part of this series, we explained what the biological process of Aging is, why and how does it take place in the bodies of living organisms. We also explained what an Anti-aging medicine is and how can it benefit our health. In this second part we’re discussing the future of this field …

New Trends in Anti-Aging Medicine - About Islam

New Trends in Anti-Aging Medicine

Aging is perhaps an evocative term, relating as it does to a human process which while many consider natural, is in fact being thought of by more and more scientists, researchers and physicians, as a disease. The only difference between the ‘aging disease’ and other diseases is that it affects every single man and woman …


Telomere, Ageing & Cancer: Islamic Perspective

They now believe that ageing can be slowed down or reversed through manipulating the length of Telomere, the antidote for cancer may lie in activating telomerase, and chronic, age-related diseases can be kissed goodbye very soon.

Beat Aging

Is It Mathematically Impossible to Beat Aging?

The Prophet (PBUH) said,“The best of people are those who live longest and excel in their deeds.” (Tirmidhi).Thus, Islam praises those who live longer as long as they use their lifetime for piety and good deeds. On the other hand, Islam reminds man of his final destination, which is the Day of Judgment and the …


Eating Young When You Are Old

What we eat directly impacts how we will age later on. A deficiency in any vitamin or mineral in our bodies can cause dysfunction to our systems.

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