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(Part 3/4)

Blocking the Medical Field of Anti-Aging?

In the first two pieces of this biological series we showed what is aging and why do we seek for a shield against it, how can we naturally and via the field of Gerontology avoid the health problems caused by aging.

We also shed light on the beneficial outcomes humanity will gain when we enhance our anti-aging studies.

In this third part we’ll continue our focus on the obstacles and pressures that face the progressing development of the medical field of Anti-aging.

Anti-aging medicine doesn’t fall into any of the “normal” categories (of course the category of “aging” is not covered in any of the regulatory bodies listing, as that step demands too much from them and conflicts with their regular interests).

The Internet is a platform were control is proving hard to apply in all regions and where “drugs on the net” is easily exploited by media hype – despite the Internet being the first medium that allows adults to be treated as such and make up their own minds.

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We haven’t listed any prices of our products here in order to reduce those risks. We feel that the dissemination of information about medication for use in preventing and treating aging conditions is no different than any pharmaceutical giant discussing one of its new drug’s in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease etc. Surf and you’ll see just that on many websites!

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have received a blow. It can no longer control natural products that haven’t been proven to be dangerous.

Products such as DHEA, pregnenolone, melatonin, 5-hydroxy-tryptophan and progesterone creams remain available in health food stores. However it can be done.

The authorities have proven that they can exercise control over products with L-Tryptophan and Gammahydroxybutrate (GHB) – both natural substances that are essential in body chemistry.

Both have been branded by them as causing serious side-effects including death.

As a result, they have been taken off the market. Now drug-analogues of natural chemicals are introduced.

If the alternative health medical and supplement field wants continued access to efficacious, and scientifically and clinically backed natural substances, it can’t sit back.

The struggle between true individual freedom and the authority is an ongoing and continuous battle between two very different points of view and perspectives.

The European Union (EU), in contrast, has already acted to control the movement of health products not only between member states, but also in and out of the EU.

Whether you want to or not, whether you have a say in it or not, if you live in the EU you will be forced to order your “anti-aging” products from abroad.

This is due to confusion, threats and incompetence, and therefore most suppliers will no longer consider shipping any products to individuals in Europe.

Lastly, there is CODEX, a regulation mainly driven by Germany (the most regulated country on the planet), to curb the availability and dosages of nutrients and other vitamin type products, currently to a maximum of 150% of the RDA’s.

In other words a vitamin C tablet containing no more than 45mg! Of course there is no evidence of any side effects from high dosages of vitamins, and cases of nutrient overdosing are extremely rare.

But perhaps Germany wishes to play fair game (i.e. where everyone else is the same as them), where nutrients can only be purchased at a pharmacy and where they are only made by known pharmaceutical giants.

CODEX will severely limit the availability of products and drive up the cost of the remaining products dramatically. It is estimated to be 4 or 5 times their present price. Their attitude seems to be that it doesn’t matter what people think, as they won’t have a say in it anyway.

Our guess is that these time wasting bureaucrats need to feel that they are performing a useful task, and that unlike the real world of free markets they have to spend their budget each year in order to obtain another the next.

The bigger the empire the higher the position etc. By chance the result is a non-producing inefficient system that interferes with every aspect of our daily lives, charges us dearly for it and claims that it is done with our best interests at heart.

How the Authorities May See it (and Want it)

The following fictional story focuses on the way some authorities appear to view the dissemination of information about “drugs” as well as their physical distribution. Through globalization, individual countries’ fear the loss of control of their place in the market.

This is understandable in terms of ensuring that high quality and production standards are met. But their approach to other developed countries’ innovations and their approved uses of individual drugs is difficult to decipher.

It is also understandable that the authorities want to ensure that people aren’t hoodwinked into something that is untrue. But when the information is derived from clinical, scientific research it is unlikely to be of suspicious roots.

Throughout the world we find many scenarios. Some “drugs” aren’t considered “drugs” in other countries and as such, are widely available. Some countries have “drugs” and other health products that are not available in other countries.

Some countries have approved the same “drugs” but for different reasons, applications and protocols. So with this background the governing bodies in many countries allow their individuals to import small quantities with a medical professional’s guidance (such regulations / laws aren’t widely disseminated).

This is a type of safety valve that stops Aids activists (and the like) from marching on the department’s headquarters! So here’s that story of how some authorities see the way it works:

What’s Going to Be Done?

As individuals we must be alert to those who are supposedly looking after our best interests. There are moves afoot by the Rhode scholars of the world to eliminate choice, and to make everywhere the same, without exception.

For example there is more pressure on and interests in “offshore” pharmaceutical suppliers. One can read in press reports about concerns of quality, but in reality the main concern is about control. Do you value an alternative choice in your healthcare or is there no choice?

There are groups actively involved in fighting CODEX and fighting the European Union. We here at IAS are committed to establishing a “sanctuary” of anti-aging medicine and have been surveying the scene very closely so as to remain one step ahead.

We are currently co-operating with an understanding government who realizes the potential of this new form of medicine.

We hope in the near future to tell you more about this goal, and we trust that we will always be able to provide an outlet of freethinking in the medical community and access to life enhancing products.

Islam sees science and technology as tools of improving human life, be it lifespan or quality of life, is something commendable and worthy. In fact, efforts to provide humans with the best living standard and cure them from diseases are a form of Islamic worship, deserving immense reward from God the Almighty.

Such desperation to live forever and to seek immortality is a subtle rejection of the concept of afterlife. And this is pretty different from the medical field of anti-aging which seeks longevity with good health for humans and not immortality.

We need to have a moderate thinking and understand that while Islamic teachings regard finding cures for diseases and prolonging man’s lifespan as praiseworthy, they constantly remind man of their final destination, which is the Day of Judgment and the afterlife.

Even if humans succeed, with the help of their God-created sophisticated brains in achieving biological immortality which Allah allows them to accomplish, this still doesn’t guarantee an eternal life. Scientists have admitted that even if all biological factors contributing to death can be eliminated, there is one left; physical trauma, which is still beyond humans’ control.

And even if humans succeeded in getting Physical Intangibility into reality which will allow them to avoid physical trauma during accidents, explosions, crashes…etc as they are able to pass their bodies through solids, this still won’t help them to escape from dying by taking out their souls before and on the Day of Judgment as Allah promised.

This article was first published in 2015 and is currently republished for its importance.