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4 Ways to Boost Our Trust in God

Although some prayers are best done during certain times of the day or night, invocations have no time limits, and one can continue strengthening his or her relationship with God while carrying out the normal errands or chores.

It is said that Allah thinks about those who think about Him the most, so by constantly remembering Allah in times of difficulty, a Muslim solidifies the belief that with every adversity comes a reward.

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Remember that what Allah takes away from a person, there is a plan behind it – most of the time, Allah rewards a Muslim, especially a patient one, with something better – because Allah knows best.

Get a Grip of the Situation and Plan for the Next Step of Action

Although tawakkul denotes complete trust in Allah, every Muslim needs to plan for the next course of action when a challenge presents itself.

Sitting back in anger or frustration is akin to giving up in many situations.

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Allah loves those who help themselves, who better themselves and who are constantly striving to achieve their goals or overcome problems for His sake.

Getting a grip of the situation allows a person to understand why he or she is facing a certain obstacle. Prophet Muhammad once said:

“He who Allah wishes for good, He will firstly inflict him with hardship.” (At-Tirmidhi)

Thus a believing Muslim picks up from calamities and constructively embraces the situation in stride.

One could ask constructively: Why did this happen to me? If I have made any mistakes that may have angered Allah, how shall I repent?

What could have I done to avoid this situation?

What should I do now that would please Allah? What valuable lessons can I learn from this problem? How shall I make myself a better Muslim for the sake of Allah?

Repentance is an important practice by those who practice tawakkul.

Repentance allows a Muslim to recognize his or her wrongdoings, weaknesses and the sheer magnitude of grace that Allah has bestowed upon him or her.

Repenting cleans the heart and allows a believer to move on.

Noah said to them: ‘Ask forgiveness from your Lord. He is Oft-Forgiving. He will send you rain in abundance, and give you increase in wealth and children; and bestow on you gardens; bestow on you rivers. (71:10-2)

Some people find that writing their thoughts down puts the problem into perspective.

They allow themselves to address their fears, their concerns and can even find solutions to their problems.

Others may benefit from talking to supportive family or friends in order to overcome negative emotions and to plan for the future.

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