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Maria Zain author who passed away in December 2014.

Author Articles


The Prophet & the Spider –The Story of Hijrah

The children gather around, waiting for the story to unravel. A story about a man running away – an escape plan – he is being hunted down – but there is a resolve – a new place – a peaceful place – called Madinah. Their Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was accompanied by …



Celebrating `Eid on a Budget – Tips for Housewives

Eid-ul Adha is round the corner, and Muslims around the world are preparing for the celebration as they wait to receive news from their loved ones performing the Hajj this year. Although Muslims are encouraged to celebrate the two Eids with a blast, taking into consideration the current global financial situation, the widening economic gap …


One Question that Could Save Your Marriage

One Question that Could Save Your Marriage

“Who knew marriage could be so difficult?” asked Sara: “One day you’re this care-free woman, pretty selfish and self-indulgent. Next you have a roomie – and one that is supposed to share that room with you for the rest of your life!” “We were living on top of each other,” she added, “Everyone has disagreements …


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