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New Hijri Year: Turn Over a New Leaf

The New Hijri Year occasion is a time for reflection, assessment, and planning for the coming year.

One should seize this occasion by assessing his work in the past year(s) and planning to lead a better life in the coming year.

It’s high time for reflecting on and studying one’s relationship with God, with his own self, and with people.

In the occasion of the new year, one remembers that days and years that pass bring him closer to the time of his death. Therefore, he should prepare himself for departing the world by improving his relationship with God and with people.

After death, one will miss the great opportunity of correcting his mistakes and will then get the outcome of his work in this world. The new year constitutes a real opportunity for correcting one’s mistakes before it is too late.

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According to Umar ibn Al-Kattab’s sincere advice, one should bring himself to account before he is taken to account and weigh his deeds before his deeds are weighed on the Day of Judgment. (Ibn Kathir, Musnad Al-Farooq, vol. 2, p. 618.)

Checking one’s deeds in this world helps in realizing one’s shortcomings and correcting his mistakes. The new year, therefore, could be a stop in one’s life to weigh his past deeds and better plan for the future.

Be Careful, It’s a New Leaf

The new year is like a new leaf. A Muslim should be careful to fill it with what pleases God and helps him lead a happy life in this world and in the hereafter. One’s wrongdoings should be corrected with no delay. We should increase and maintain our good deeds.

At the beginning of the new year, one should check his relationship with God and with people. If one finds out that he fails to carry out some religious duties, he has to resolve to make up for any missed obligations. He should observe his daily prayers, dhikr, religious practices, etc. Also, one should maintain his relationship with people and improve it in case of any mistakes.

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