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Two Companions Failed to Immigrate to Madinah… How Umar Saved Them

This is a very inspiring story that involved Umar ibn Al-Khattab and two other Companions, Ayyash ibn Abi Rabiah and Hisham ibn Al-Aas (may Allah be pleased with them). They planned to migrate from Makkah to Madinah together and set a time and place to meet and start the trip.

However, one of the group, Hisham ibn Al-Aas, could not make it. Sadly, it turned out that he had been detained by the people of Makkah and was forced to renounce Islam. So, Umar and Ayyash set out to Madinah.

Abu Jahl, the bitter enemy of Islam, was not happy with this news, especially that Ayyash was his half brother. Resolved to get his brother back, Abu Jahl, along with Al-Harith ibn Hasham, made their way to Madinah.

At Qibaa, a few miles away from Madinah, Ayyash was approached by Abu Jahl. “Your mother made an oath not to let a comb touch her hair nor enjoy any shade until you get back,” Abu Jahl said to Ayyash.

Umar was not convinced. “Your people only want to get you to renounce your religion,” Umar warned Ayyash.

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  • What did Ayash decide to do?
  • Why Umar gave Ayyash his own camel?
  • Was Abu Jahl honest to Ayyash?
  • What are the Quranic verses that ultimately saved both Hisham and Ayyash?

Watch this video and learn the developments of the story and how it ended.

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