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The Relationship with God is the Greatest Feeling

New Converts in the Muslim World

My name is Clifton Floker, I’m 43 years old and I’m from the United States.

I first embraced Islam a year ago. But I first got introduced to Islam several years ago actually.

For me, I think, I realized that even from the childhood that Allah was present and was calling me into a relationship with Him.

I didn’t always understand it, but I felt the pull since childhood and it was a matter of me reaching a point where I said ‘yes, I submit’ I want to do all that I can to fully develop this relationship.

I feel when in His presence, it’s sweet, it’s frightening, it’s the greatest feeling.

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The situations and my response to different circumstances I find myself will change based on my awareness of Allah.

I think in moments of anger, it’s because I saw value in my relationship and my closeness with Allah, then I depend on Him to get me through and I say to myself:

“Allah, I don’t want to lose my closeness to you. Help me get through this situation.”

And I think this is the right approach, to use the emotion and the situation and it is the way to get closer and to develop a relationship with Allah.

If I had to describe Allah in one sentence, I would say that Allah is everything, He is responsible for everything.

One of the important aspects of Allah is His existence which is dynamic. Allah is alive. He is active. He interacts with me and with everything around me and everyone. And He allows some of us, based on our faith in Him and our desire, to come closer to Him; and allow us to enjoy more of Him in an individual special relationship with Him.

So regardless to where I am, whether I am in the masjid making prayer to Allah, or in the busy market place with people in the street, or at work… I always hope and seek to remember Allah.