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New Hijri Year: A Path Towards Renewing Your Life

Prophet Yusuf: The Hard Test

And you, a very handsome young man, brimming with life and youthfulness. Remember what Joseph (peace be upon him) went through? Would you be able to compose yourself if you were confronted with such a brazen snare of seductions at its higher level, from women who are not just beautiful, but powerful as well?

{She said, ‘This is the one you blamed me for. I tried to seduce him and he wanted to remain chaste, but if he does not do what I command now, he will be put in prison and degraded.’

Joseph said, ‘My Lord! I would prefer prison to what these women are calling me to do. If You do not protect me from their treachery, I shall yield to them and do wrong,’

and his Lord answered his prayer and protected him from their treachery- He is the All Hearing, the All Knowing.

In the end they thought it best, after seeing all the signs of his innocence, that they should imprison him for a while.} (Yusuf 12:32-35)

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Prophet Moses: Struggle and Empathy

Or imagine yourself in the shoes of Moses (peace be upon him) in his struggles to liberate his people away from Pharaoh’s brutality.

Remember his remarkable empathy shown to young women who, upon finding the well (of Midian) full of men (shepherds) watering their flocks, decided to keep back their own flocks (out of decency and inability to compete with them) until the men were done.

Noticing this, Moses (peace be upon him), showing that he cared, interfered and watered the women’s flocks, so they could quickly go back to their aging father. 

Would you be able to show this kind of empathy when needed? Or you would just walk away?

The story is beautifully recounted in the Quran:

{Then a man came running from the furthest part of the city and said, ‘Moses, the authorities are talking about killing you, so leave- this is my sincere advice.’

So Moses left the city, fearful and wary, and prayed, ‘My Lord, save me from people who do wrong.’

As he made his way towards Midian, he was saying, ‘May my Lord guide me to the right way.’

When he arrived at Midian’s waters, he found a group of men watering [their flocks], and beside them two women keeping their flocks back, so he said, ‘What is the matter with you two?’ They said, ‘We cannot water [our flocks] until the shepherds take their sheep away: our father is a very old man.’

He watered their flocks for them, withdrew into the shade, and prayed, ‘My Lord, I am in dire need of whatever good thing You may send me,’} (Al-Qasas 28:20-24)

Remember, also, when Moses was receiving a mission from God, to go and confront Pharaoh. Behold what he said about his brother Harun (peace be upon him)!

Recognize Others’ Talents

Recognizing the talent of his brother, Moses pleaded that Harun be sent with him, to be his partner in that mission. He said:

{My brother Harun, he is more eloquent than I am. Send him with me to support me and back me up.} (Al-Qasas 28:34)

That’s a great lesson!

As you work for Allah, striving to please Him and make the world a better place, it is very important to recognize other people’s talents, which you may be lacking. There is no harm in partnering with them, reach out to them, so you could form a very strong and formidable team.

This is part of what is missing in our today’s world, where people, unfortunately, knowing their limitations but yet refusing to admit that. Thereupon, they cause catastrophe and disasters to life and businesses, including Dawah missions which should be based on honesty and trustworthiness.

Eternal Source of Inspiration

Definitely, there is a lot to learn from the stories of Allah’s Prophets and Messengers (peace and blessings be upon them all). There is a lot for us to identify with, reading and studying their biographies in order to better our own lives, strengthen our faith, while drawing closer to Allah the Almighty.

So, as we are now closing a page in order to open a new one, welcoming a new Hijri year, it is very important we get rid of those shackles (lust, arrogance, deception…etc) we have allowed Satan to put on us.

It is also important for us to resolve to enter into a new year with a strong determination to become a true Muslim. We should stand up for what we believe in, with dedication to be part of whatever aims at making our lives better and earning the pleasures of our Lord, the Mighty and Merciful.

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