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Hijrah: Thinking Outside the Box

ESPECIALLY the door of Allah

After talking to all tribes, none of them showed willingness to accept Islam. They were not ready to carry the huge load of hosting the Prophet and his Makkan followers.

From a human perspective, things were also going towards a dead end. But guess what: this is the Deen of Allah Almighty, and it is only HIM who will provide victory for the believers and establish the foundations for the Muslim state.

During the last hours of the Hajj season, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) met a bunch of young men from Yathrib, from the Khazraj tribe. His advisor, Abu Bakr, was not with him, so he had to check where they live exactly, “So you are the allies of the Jews?”, and they confirmed.

“Would you mind if you sit with me and I will speak to you?”, they agreed.

The Prophet started presenting Islam to them. He recited Quran and told them his story. He explained the need to find a tribe that hosts Islam and protects him and Muslims from the persecution in Makkah.

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And Allah is the best of planners

It is all due to Allah, who set the stage for Islam in Madinah, even before those young men met the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him):

– The Madinah was immersed in civil war for almost 5 years. This war killed most of the elderly leaders and left the Arab tribes with no experienced leadership. Those youth saw in Muhammad a man who can unite the Arabs and end the bloodshed.

– The Arabs and the Jews coexisted in Madinah for decades. The Jews knew that the time for the seal of prophets has come, but mistakenly expected him to be a Jew.

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They kept on promising their Arab tribes that “the time for the final messenger has come, and we will follow him and kill all of you and wipe you out of Arabia”. (Interestingly, they were expecting the final Prophet not to guide other nations but to simply kill them all.)

Subhana Allah, those threats from the Jews made those young men accept Islam on the spot. They went back to their people in Madinah promoting and spreading this new Deen.

Allah Almighty helped the Prophet and planned in secret. Allah works in His own ways that we don’t (and will never) understand. We only have to believe in Him, to trust Him more than we trust ourselves and our efforts.

At the same time, we have to be creative in our ways and our methods. We have to think outside the box, go outside of our comfort zone and knock all the possible doors.

Allah reminded his Prophet of all of this when He said:

{[Oh Prophet] Remember when the disbelievers plotted to take you captive, kill, or expel you. They schemed and so did Allah, and Allah is the best of schemers} (Al-Anfal 8:30)

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