God.. Our Protector from Satan

This does not mean that these servants are infallible and/or preserved from falling into sins and misdeeds, as the only infallible ones are the Prophets and Messengers of Allah. However, what is meant here is that every time they commit a sin they repent to Allah and return to Him with remorse and upon that Allah the Merciful forgives them and pardons all their sins.

This was shown in an earlier hadith. At that scene, Satan rejoices in the beginning when they are misled, then he becomes sad afterwards when he sees that Allah the All-Merciful forgives them and erases all their sins when they return to Him in repentance as they feel their servitude to Him, Glory be His.

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Therefore, one should flee from Satan who constantly chases him out of enmity and should resort to Allah; one should neither forget nor neglect the obligation of obeying Allah’s Ordinances and Commandments to be safe from Satan’s cunning in this present word and to gain Allah’s Pleasure in the Hereafter.

Finally, there is in the Ever-Glorious Quran a most impressive admonition for one who takes his enemy (i.e. Satan) as patron and friend and takes the One Who really protects and favors him with all the blessings as a legend to be forgotten and neglected as is shown in the following Quranic ayah that reads what may mean,

{Now, behold! We said to the angels: Bow your faces down to Adam! So they all bowed down, except Iblis [Satan], who was of the jinn. Thus he repelled against the command of his Lord. Will you human beings then take him and his seed as patrons apart from Me while they are an enemy to you? How woeful a substitute this is for the wrongdoers! }(Al-Kahf 18:50)

To conclude, the message should now be very clear: when you know that the devil and his progeny do not forget about you for even less than a second, do not forget about Allah the Almighty in Whose Hand is your forelock, fate and destiny. He is the only One Who can save and protect you from Satan and his constant cunning and scheming against you.

May Allah the Almighty protect us all from Satan and his constant cunning and deception! Amen.

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