God.. Our Protector from Satan

Satan does not want to be tormented all alone; rather, he wants man to accompany him in Hellfire as he regards him as the reason for his own catastrophe; forgetting that he is the one who refused to bow down to Adam as was ordered by the Creator, Glory be His!

Notwithstanding, though Satan earnestly tries to seduce man so as to make him from among his own troops and ranks, one should know that he (Satan) has no will or power through which to harm or benefit any one.

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The Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said in the hadith narrated by Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri,

Satan said: ‘By Your Glory and Majesty, I will continue tempting sons of Adam as long as they have life in them;’ and the Lord said: ‘By My Glory and Majesty, I will continue forgiving them as long as they seek My forgiveness.’” (Sahih Al-Jami`)

Now, can one imagine that Satan will be mindless of him even for an hour or less in this present world? How can this happen while it is Satan’s only chance to achieve his ultimate goal? Namely, taking as many human beings as he can with him in his everlasting torment in Hellfire!

However, where should man go? Whom should he seek refuge with and ask for help against the cunning and deception of Satan?!

Undoubtedly, there is only one resort beside which there is no any other resort or salvation, namely, Allah the Almighty. It is Allah Who is in control of all creatures including Satan and his progeny and man and his offspring.

Allah the Almighty prescribed to Himself to put all His servants under His protection and shelter and discouraged Satan from realizing his goals and deceiving them as is shown at the end of the aforementioned Quranic ayahs.

In the same vein, Dhul-Nun Al-Misri said, “If he (Satan) sees you from where you do not see him, the Lord sees him from where he does not see the Lord, so seek Allah’s help against him.” (Tafsir Ath-Tha`labi, vol. 4, P. 227)

In Allah’s saying which may mean,

{… As for My true servants you shall have no position of authority over them – except for those of the deluded who follow you.} (Al-Hijr 15:32-42),

The term ‘servants’, here, does not refer to all servants as all creatures are servants to Allah be them obedient or disobedient. Rather, the ‘servants’ who are meant here are those who are certain about their worship and servitude to Allah, the Creator, and those who put this into action throughout their whole lives.

Indeed, those are far from being defeated by Satan no matter how fiercely he tried to mislead them and guide them to the path of seduction and perversion!

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