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Killing Cancer Through Your Immune System

New Safer Way to Fight Cancer (Infograph)

We have an Immune System, why doesn’t it save us from cancer and heal itself of even the most aggressive and deadly tumors?

In the span of just a few years, the idea has gone from new age notion to medical reality.

Researchers are investigating the potential of immunotherapy to be a powerful, effective and long-lasting solution to kill this disease.

The treatment consists of infusing antibodies that enhance the immune system to recognize cancerous cells and attack it.

What’s more, since Allah has biologically equipped our immune system with a built-in memory, the protective system continues to go after cancerous cells, so the response can be longer lasting and more complete.

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Have a look at the following infograph to be aware of some differences between the new promising Immunotherapy and the current cancer Chemotherapy which treats patients via chemicals.

Chemotherapy vs Immunotherapy