Watch Live 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Crosses Americas

As we recognize that everything in the universe is the Lord’s creation. The Qur’an encourages people to look around them, observe and reflect on the beauties and wonders of the cosmos – as signs of Allah’s majesty.

“Allah is He, who created the sun, the moon, and the stars — (all) governed by laws under His commandment.” (Surat Al-A’raf 7:54).

Allah also tells us in the holy Qur’an, “The sun and the moon follow courses exactly computed.” (Surat Ar-Rahman 55:05).

Today all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun. Viewers around the world will be provided a wealth of images captured before, during, and after the eclipse by 11 spacecraft, at least three NASA aircraft, more than 50 high-altitude balloons, and the astronauts aboard the International Space Station – each offering a unique vantage point for the celestial event.

Path of Eclipse

Throughout 100 minutes, 14 states across USA will experience more than two minutes of midday darkness.

Additionally, a partial eclipse will be viewable across all of North America. The eclipse will provide a unique opportunity to study the sun, Earth, moon and their interaction. This is because of the eclipse’s long path over land coast to coast.

The eclipse will begin over the Pacific Ocean at 15:46 UTC. Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport, Oregon will be the first location on continental soil to see totality.

The partial phase of the eclipse will begin here at 9:04 am local time, totality will occur at 10:15 am. Other places on the coast of Oregon won’t have to wait much longer for the onset of the eclipse.

In Lincoln, Oregon, the partial and total phases will start less than 20 seconds later than at Yaquina.

Scientists will be able to take ground-based and airborne observations over a period of an hour and a half to complement the wealth of data and images provided by space assets.