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Allah Favoured Earth over Others

Allah Favoured Earth over Others!

Allah created heavens and planets but He favoured Earth over others. Allah created every day of the week but he favoured this special day over us! The Beauty of Allah’s Creation

muslim astronaut will be offered halal food

This Muslim Astronaut Will Have Halal Food at Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) will be offering halal food to first Emirati astronaut, Hazza Al Mansoori, who will be onboard on September 25, Sputnik reported on July 7. “Halal dishes enough for the eight-day trip are expected to be ready by mid-August. These canned meals will include balaleet, sweet vermicelli, saluna — sweet and …

'Late' Iftar for Burj Khalifa & Dubai Skyscrapers Residents

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department of the Government of Dubai in the UAE has called on all residents of Burj Khalifa skyscraper and other tall towers to mind the time difference of their fasting, depending on the floor they are living on, Khaleej Times reported. “The residents at Dubai’s skyscrapers have to fast …

flat earth

Does The Quran Say that the Earth is Flat!?

Short answer: Of course not. The Quran describes the earth as “egg-shaped”, and “spread out”, not flat. Blame this misunderstanding on incorrect translation from the original Arabic. Salam Dear Sarah, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. It is encouraging to see that our younger generation has not lost interest in understanding the …

Giant Asteroid Moves Past Earth Safely

CALIFORNIA – Safely, the asteroid named 2013 YM2 has passed by our home Planet Earth in a close approach on January 9 at 1:30 am UTC, NASA announced according to Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, calculated that Asteroid YM2 would miss the Earth by nearly 2.9 million km or …

Astronomers Discover Sky’s Sapphires & Rubies

ZURICH – European astronomers have discovered a new class of planets outside the solar system which contains high quantities of calcium, aluminum, and their oxides — including sapphire and ruby, Science Daily reported on December 24. “Perhaps it shimmers red to blue like rubies and sapphires because these gemstones are aluminum oxides which are common …

CO2 Sinks: Is Earth Trying to Help?

CO2 Sinks: Is Earth Trying to Help?

All indications and scientific findings of climate change research point to the ever-increasing emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the earth’s atmosphere. Time and again, scientists have pointed out that this will increase temperatures in the earth’s atmosphere with devastating effects in the coming decades. With vast conviction among world scientists of the gravity of …


Save the Earth: By Fasting

Fasting isn’t a new concept for people adhering to Islam. Food fasting is a common practice in many human cultures, as a part of religious practices. Ramadan is a Hijri month that requires daytime fasting; being one of the five pillars of Islam.

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